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Would you like to earn some extra income with your possessions while you are not availing them for personal use? Let it be your car, your camera, some tools lying around in your house, or even apparel?!  Kiraye Per  is here for just that. 

Kiraye Per is a platform which is bringing borrowers and lenders together, allowing lenders to earn money with things they do not use much, and borrowers to rent as per their needs.  

We all encounter situations in our lives when we need tools, but dread purchasing them as they will be useless later. Kiraye Per, an innovative startup at the NIC, has come up with a solution, and has created a platform where consumers can put up tools which others can borrow on rent and return when used. Indeed, a win-win situation for both the parties! 

 The platform is especially useful for DIY home renovation projects- borrow some power tools on Kiraye Per and get to work straightaway! 

The initial idea behind Kiraye Per was to make heavy machinery accessible to the poor farmers, to improve their livelihood. Farmers could rent the required machinery on hourly rates, allowing them to enhance their productivity, and the machinery owners could make money throughout the year. The idea proved to be a great success, and the founders decided to expand their portfolio to introduce a wide array of other products. Fast forward to today, Kiraye Per is a burgeoning platform, encompassing a wide array of items ranging from property, to bridal dresses!  

Balancing different aspects of a business and managing quality service while diversifying are important skills that the Kiraye Per team has honed through the extensive training sessions by mentors at the National Incubation Center.  

The Kiraye Per team continues to strive to connect borrowers and lenders on an easy-to-use platform and make the rental process as seamless as possible. So, head on over to Kiraye Per and register yourself as a lender, or simply visit the website to check available products and get in touch with the owners directly. 

Mateen Ahmad

Mateen Ahmad

Founder of Rapidfire Softwares, Kiraye Per